Better Business Advisory Group
  1. Bookkeeping
    Recording daily financial transactions is essential to the sustainability of a business. We provide bookkeeping services that include accounts payable/receivable and payroll processing.
  2. Accountancy
    Examining financial records can be a tedious process. Our accounting services provide information that can be used to forecast, manage cash flows, and grow your business by verifying data and generating financial reports.
  3. Start up Advice
    You have the concept and you’re ready to start building your business. We are here to provide you with startup advice that includes business plans, accounting setups, and formation assistance.
  4. Nonprofit consulting
    Nonprofits play an essential role in our communities and economy. We understand that nonprofits have limited resources, with that in mind we provide assistance with 501(c)3 applications, grant submissions, and strategic planning.
  5. Policies and Procedures Development
    Policies and procedures are the backbone of companies. We provide consulting on developing policies and procedures that provide guidance to employees and protects your organization.
  6. Trainings
    Need to improve skills or organizational behavior issues? We offer bookkeeping and accounting software trainings, as well as professional development workshops. Our customer service and organizational behavior studies can get your business on track to succeed.